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Post Ignite Recap 

Post Ignite (Fall 2021) recap goodies for all things Microsoft Teams!

Thrive in a Hybrid Workplace

Hybrid work is here to stay.  We know the new normal has surfaced challenges, and we want to help you do your best work. 

Microsoft Teams Ignite Updates in 7-Minutes

Check out the new Microsoft Teams features that were announced at Ignite this week (Nov 2021 edition) - all in 7 minutes!

How Microsoft Does Hybrid Work

Employee expectations have changed for good and that's new a new norm for every organization. Learn about Microsoft's journey and how we have embraced Hybrid Work.

Teams Calling Options

Given the recent announcement of Operator Connect, we review all calling options that you can mix and match to suit your needs.

Legacy Devices in Teams

As we return to the office, overhead paging, doorbells, and fax machines are making a comeback - see how Teams integrates with these types of devices.

New Teams Features

A showcase of all the NEW Teams features (GA + coming soon).  Warning: many shiny objects ahead!

Microsoft Viva

We share our secret sauce for employee engagement, Microsoft Viva. Viva Las Yay!

New Meeting Features

Watch as we demo all the new meeting features (GA + coming soon). SO.MUCH.GOODNESS.

Video Optimization

Learn best practices for optimizing video playback during Teams meetings. Why make it more difficult than it needs to be? We like easy.

Pinned Apps & Automation

Why make your days harder than they have to be…learn how you can streamline your day.  All of us need more hours in the day, so make saving precious time a priority!

App Templates

Don't start from scratch when Microsoft already has over 50 templates available for immediate use.  Go ahead, preview the good stuff.

Power Virtual Agents

Hit the extra EASY button and learn how to setup FAQ PVA bots.  Stop answering individual questions and PVA it!

Apps for Managers

It’s important for managers to have desirable leadership qualities. During this session, we focus on 5 qualities of a good leader and solutions that can/will make a leader great!

Firstline Apps

Firstline workers are a critical component to business operations and that’s why we want to help streamline their day.

Corporate Apps

As they say…work smarter, not harder.  We showcase just how to do that and in a way that is meaningful across all business units.

New Meeting Features

What's that you say...you want to see more new meeting features?  Consider it done.

Breakout Rooms

We know you can't wait to see it.  Here's your preview and how to demo on Breakout Rooms!  Don't be last to the Teams Meeting table.

Voice Part III

Deep dive into the Teams Admin Portal (oooh ahhh).  You get a demo, they get a demo, everyone gets a demo!  

Voice Part II

Learn about clients and devices, direct routing, and licenses.  Don't worry, we've made the licensing less complicated - promise.

Voice Part I

Learn about Voice vs. VoIP, CLEC, and calling plan options.  This all sounds very technical, but we've hit the easy button on this first session. 

Rolling Task Management

Learn how rolling task management can help your company streamline communications, making your employees more productive, and putting your customers first.

How Microsoft Does Live Events

Learn how Microsoft executes Live Events and what best practices you should be following.

Controlling People Flow

with Shifts and Bookings

Learn how you can leverage the power of Teams Shifts and Bookings to control people flow.

Quick and Easy Power Apps in Teams

Deploy business apps right to Microsoft Teams with ease.  Free apps and templates?  Yes!

A New Way to Recruit Top Talent

Leverage Teams (and other integrated workloads) to deliver Virtual Career Fair events and recruit top talent!

Feature Goodies

Teams features that you should be using; latest updates included.

Crisis Communication App

Watch as Brian Haubert and Kelley Cleland show you the Crisis Communication App from an end user and admin view.  

Security & Compliance

Watch as Brent Whichel and Kelley Cleland leading through Security and Compliance best practices for Teams.

Live Events Part 2

Watch as Patrick and Kelley show you the different roles in Live Events

Teams Whiteboards

Let's review some of the cool whiteboards you can use in Microsoft Teams

Cisco & Teams Together

High Level overview of some of the Integration Points announced at Ignite this year regarding Cisco & Teams!

Live Events

Review Live Event Meeting Broadcast solution.

Magic Whiteboard

Review the Network Architecture improvements in Teams

Skype to Teams Part 3

Understand Governance, Security, and Administration when it comes to Teams

Skype to Teams Part 2

Understand the Skype to Teams project lifecycle and methodologies

Skype to Teams Part 1

Deployment pathways to understanding the transition from Skype to Teams.  Review the migrations modes and user experience.

Microsoft 365 Learning Pathways

Deploy your own learning portal for Microsoft 365 collaboration tools providing focused playlists based on the services you use today. 

Microsoft 365 & Compliance

Using Azure AD and Intune, we will show you how to apply compliance and legal requirements user authentication and mobile application access.

Microsoft 365 & Compliance

Watch as we show you advanced capabilities like using Tabs and Connectors,  PowerBI, Planner, Forms and checking email... all within Teams!

SharePoint Online

Watch as we show you the latest in modern SharePoint online Experiences, including Mobile!

Microsoft 365 & Files

Watch as we show you the latest in Collaborating and Managing files within Microsoft 365/Office 365.

Outlook Mobile

Watch as we show you the incredible email & calendar experience powered by Outlook Mobile.

Teamwork powered by Microsoft Teams

Watch as we show how Teams is the hub for teamwork and cover things like Chat, Video, Finding Experts, and Document Collaboration.... ALL WITHIN TEAMS!

Usable AI for everyone in your Organization

Watch as we show how Power BI brings AI to everyone in your organization to help make decisions faster by analyzing and visualizing data like never before!

Employee Engagement using Yammer (part 2)

Watch as we show how customers are empowering, enabling, and engaging employees using Yammer!  We'll demonstrate using a Bot in Yammer to automate answering questions and also show you how customers are offering a security "Check-in" solution using Yammer and Flow.

Employee Engagement using Yammer (part 1)

Watch as we show how customers are empowering, enabling, and engaging employees using Yammer!   Also, we have a special guest from the Yammer team, Steve Nguyen, share his perspective and introduce some new innovation just release and coming soon! 

Create a Modern Workplace!

In this 30 mins episode, we cover the Inner/Outer loop and the importance of both for organizations looking to Attract/Retain talent,  modernize your  communication/collaboration, Drive culture change, Engage your employees, and much more!

Office 365 ProPlus

30 mins showing all of the things you're missing out on if you're not using Office 365 ProPlus.

SharePoint Online

GDPR and Microsoft 365

Outlook Mobile

Yammer - collaborating with your outer loop.

PowerApps and Flow