Chillin with Milan




Executive Day in the Life

This is the first in our Teams Persona series. Scott Prather, GM of Customer Success @ Microsoft, walks you through how he uses Teams in a way that reduces his inbox!

Accessibility Features

Watch as Megan Lawrence, Sr. Accessibility Evangelist, walks through some of the POWERFUL accessibility features in Teams!

Building Access App v2

Pawan Gulati, Customer Success Director/Teams Platform Ranger, answers how orgs should plan for employees returning to work, post COVID.

Event Management

Jace Moreno, Business Analyst/Teams Platform Ranger, teaches us how to manage seamless events in Teams.

Before, During, and After the Teams Meeting Experience

Ben Powell, Director of Customer Success, guides us through how to use Teams to have an AMAZING before, during, and after meeting experience.

Maximize Backgrounds

Stefani Quarles, Director/Chief of Staff, is Chillin with Milan. Watch as she walks us through Meeting Backgrounds.

Hello and Welcome

to Chillin with Milan!

Milan provides clarity around what his series is all about. 

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